A fit for tiny feet

A fit for tiny feet

The right fit for tiny feet

The early years in your child's life are the most important in many ways. In the brand new world, every day is a revelation, each encounter the first. He or she is seeing everything for the first time and remembering these powerful experiences, being shaped by the world around.

Just as true for their growing bodies, which is why it's vital to use the right footwear for your babies and toddlers. We don't just believe in applying the same quality of materials and construction used in adult footwear, we believe in exceeding it in every way.

We use soft, expandable fabrics for our inners to prevent restriction and avoid friction stress, we use maleable but resiliant nubuck for our outer layers for durability and protection and vulcanised rubber soles to give the very best protection and support for little feet.

But most importantly of all, we off ranged sizes in all metrics from the smallest to largest sizes in each age range and always have stock - guaranteeing the best possible fit for tiny feet!
Jonno Roomie

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