Growing feet

Growing feet

It's important to remember a child's foot is nothing like an adult's foot. Size variations at every stage can be huge, and in each dimension, plus they're continuing to grow almost daily. Ensure you know the right sizes for your kids' feet before choosing a shoe based on look alone.

For the first two years or so, feet appear wide at the front and flat-footed overall. The feet lack muscle and the bones in a child's foot are not connected, with arches undeveloped.

Up to the age of about seven, the feet remain soft and flexible, but especially susceptible to ill-fitting footwear as they start being used more! The foot begins to narrow and the arches lift, though remaining wider at the front than an adult foot.

Over the next four years, up to about the age of twelve, the flexibility starts to leave, however development is not complete and the feet will remain especially sensitive to pressure.

Throughout development of young feet, the right fit is vital. A poor choice of shoe can restrict growth of both muscle and bone. Its important to ensure you know the right sizes of your kids' feet, and get them measured regularly in a store by a professional. Knowing the right sizes allows you to make the right choices for young feet.
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Jonno Roomie

Congratulations on the launch guys! It’s great to see how far you’ve come. Quick question, will you be doing any popup shops, or local events soon? There’s some really good ones coming up over the Summer. Anyway, congrats again :)

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